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3 reasons why this software is free

1. At first I have to say that this project is my hpobby and I realy enjoy to code.

2. I also using freeware like Gimp, Notepad++, IrfanView, usw.
This Software is my partizipation to this community and also a kind of payment to other freeware developers.

3. I was also an active member of a sorts club.
Therefore I know that it is often impossible for small clubs to buy expensive profesional solustions.

Any how, meanwhile I work on this project for more than 10 years. I spend a lot of my free time to provide this software. The PC, power and web hosting is not for free. Therefore I apriciate if you want support me. Allready few Euro, Dollars or Swiss Franks will motivate me a lot.


You does not donate to an organisation. If you donate it is only an appreciation and support for my dedication.

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