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February 2024 (10.2.7)
Behobene Probleme:
- It was not possible to re-order the display pages
- The function for multi select via SHIFT + Mouse has worked wrongly in the display designer

February 2024 (10.2.6)
To do multiple selections of display objects the SHIFT-key musst be pressed.
This effects the selection of display objekts in the list as well as the selection via mouse in the display page.

February 2024 (10.2.5)
- Complete redesign of the Hotkey functionality
Now it is possible to define hotkeys for all command which are useable in scripts.
Additionally, also scripts can be started by hotkeys.

February 2024 (10.2.4)
- It is now possible to set Hotkeys for up counting goals
- When switching to the display designer, the actual display set is directly displayed
- Tables are now displayed as JSON tree in the debug area
- improvements for video playback
fixed issues:
- Problems fixced, when a tournament with more then one round is created based on a system template

January 2024 (10.2.3)
- The server does find the pages even if the filename index.html is not part of the URL.
fixed issues:
- Logon to the control page from an remote client was not possible

January 2024 (10.2.2)
fixed issues:
- possibly teams are assigned to wrong tournament groups
- delivered tournament systems were still in the format of version9 and are now changed to the format of version10
- when a tournament system of version9 is imported, it is automatically changed to the format of version10

January 2024 (10.2.1)
fixed issues:
- It was not possible to create tournament systems wit placement mode “via final group table”
- Icon for automatic tournament group match shuffle has not worked
- some minor corrections

Dezember 2023 (10.2.0)
- reimplementation of Video management
Now it is possible to upload thumbnails and LoRes Files for videos
fixed issues:
- It was not possible to group teams when a tournament was created based on a system template.
- It was not possible to reload the control page when a tournament was active.
- It was not possible to change the next match in a tournament.
- It was not possible to delete more then one player in a batch.
- It was not possible to change the font face and style in display objects with vertical marquee.

November 2023 (10.1.1)
- new option to take care about the aspect ratio of the display in the user interface
fixed issues:
- manual timer names are now correctly displayed in the designer
- after drag&drop of objects in the designer, the coordinates are now displayed correctly

November 2023 (10.1)
new Functions
- vertical scroll text
- possibility to automate procedures by creating scripts

correction of some issues

September 2023 (10.0.3)
new Functions
- Timer can now countdown until a given real time
- new timer event “play full screen video” can be configured
fixed issues:
- full screen videos can again be played
- there was a problem to add timer events
- some errors during program initialisation are fixed
- there was a problem to configure pictures, audios and videos if before all medias were deleted
- some smaller bug fixes

August 20223 (10.0.2)
new Functions
- it is now possible to export and import the Options
- it is now possible to setup several option-sets and easily switch between it
fixed issues:
- The import of exported age sets is now working again
- The position of the marking border in the page designer is now working again
- The dialog to open files is now working again
Many smaller code optimizations

July 2023 (10.0.1)
new Functions
- Quickbuttons for Pictures and Sounds are not limited to 8 any more
- Multi exchange of up to 5 player is realized
- Introduction of 16 new text- and 8 new picture variables for multi exchange
- Introduction of a new table variable for multi exchange
- Introduction of two new settings to setup icons for multi exchange
- Introduction of a search dialog for text- and picture variables in the designer
- Introduction of variables for the “event team” (are filled with data of the team for which an event happen)

Juni 2023 (10.0.0)
technical news
- switch from React classes to React Hooks
- update to the latest version of TryPhotino
new functions
- lock of the control screen is now possible
- complete reimplementation of the video control, Quickbuttons are not limited to 8 any more
- it is now possible to add two videos to player
- play of the player videos via buttons in the player list
- buttons on the player list can be configured now
- buttons for the display pages can get colors
- buttons for the display pages can be grouped
- countdown Timer for the player change in the player slideshow
- multiple edit possibility is realized for the player of a team
- complete re-implementation of the screen to create tournaments or tournament systems
- multi group- / multi round tournaments can be created without a system template
- hotkeys for the timer (first prototype)
- manual recording of match results for tournaments
- by accident closed matches can be reopened now
- teams which have reached the next tournament round can be edited

May 2023 (
fixed issues:
- layout of the team screen on small displays
- double audio when the offline preview is used
- delete pictures in the picture manager
- change of the page background picture in the display editor
- sorting of the player on the display
- player lists of team 2 was displayed in the player list of team 1 after the team 2 has changed
- option for sorting of the tournament tables was displayed wrongly
- some more minor issues

May 2023 (
fixed issues:
- Playback of videos after changing the page
- minor issues in the settings
- Line break in display objects with too long text

April 2023 (
- Several blanks in ticker or in free text is now displayed correctly
- Reset corner kicks shows now a warning
- Player with exclusion is now disappearing from player list
- Table for player management is improved
- Free text editor improved: adopt text at Enter (Line break by Shift+Enter)
- player list: Icons only for player in start lineup
- player list: New icon for quick goal registration
- registration of scorer: Only player in lineup can be selected
New WebView2 from Microsoft in the package.
Important update to play videos without problems in local display window.

February 2022 (
- new Control “Offline Preview”
- Goal audio can be assigned to teams
- The display of the marquee is changed
fixed issues:
- quantities of rows can be set on the top scorer table
- The sorting of the player list remains correctly after substitute a player
- some smaller corrections

December 2022 (
- new control full screen video player
- new dialog to register scorer (Goals can be registered without player; needed for own goal)
- new dialog to register new player
- display of remaining video time
- Alert dialog when reset goals
- Alert dialog when reset penalties
- player will be grouped as substitute player after substitution
- Pic 8 is now free selectable in the control
fixed issues:
- div. translations
- div. corrections when creating Tournaments / Tournamentsystems

October 2022 (
- new control and new variables to enter / display the names and pictures of up to 3 referees
- Tables can now contain the picture of a player or a team
- Table columns can be ordered free
- The align of each column can be defined free
- The header of each column can be defined free
- The dialog for column settings can be opened from the designer
- The sequence of the display pages can be defined free
- In the setting it can be defined if a video is played in loop mode
fixed issues:
- The name of the selected player is now displayed without a comma
- If a URL address is used in the designer an unwanted border was displayed

October 2022 (
fixed issues:
- wrong behavior of text boxes; now the value is stored at “Enter” or at leaving the text box
- the selection of a scorer or foule player has caused a server issue
- in the designer you can now select a object by the mous pointer
- fade effect is not displayed in the designer anymore when an object is selected
- a manually entered team name is now taken as short team name also

October 2022 (
fixed issues:
- for player change the variable fill up was not executed
- manual entry of team name did not fill the variable for short name

October 2022 (
fixed issues:
- The tournament diagram was not drawn correctly in some cases
- The audio playback of videos did not take into account the settings for audio playback
- It in some cases it was not possible set columns in the player tables correctly

September 2022 (
- New column “full Name” in the Playertabelle
- Moved the menue of the control view from text tabs on top to an icon bar on the left side
- Tournament table is recalculated after each goal
- Calculation of tournament tables is re implemented
fixed issues:
- there were no events displayed in the events table if no filter ist set
- the palyer list was not refreshed in the tournament mode

September 2022 (
- new Field im player master to enter the player position
- new Field im player master to enter the lineup
- The control “Player List” does show the player of the start team and also replacmet player
- The control “Player List” can automatically loop throu the player of the start team
- Two new table variables are introduced: Player team 1 und Player team 2
- In the display designer it is now possible to enter free CSS style code for display pages
- In the display designer it is now possible to enter free CSS style code for display objects
- In the display designer it is now possible to enter free CSS style code for tables
- In the display designer it is now possible to hide the table headers
fixed issues:
- The position of the marking box, of the selected display object, is now displayed correctly

August 2022 (
- Improvement for the table filters
corrected problems:
- fixed issues for Audioplayback
- fixed a problem at setup of the timer event “change page”
- unexpected messages when starting a tournament are fixed

May 2022 (
- internel Code optimization for Drag&Drop of controls
- Quantity of control columns can be set up to 8 (for wide screens)
- Text templates can be saved in the control for multi line text

April 2022 (

- switch to net 6
- switch of the server from WebSocketSharp to the integrated Server
- switch of the timers from Windows WinMM.dll to the integrated timer in net 6
- switch from CEF sharp to Photino for the local display and server window
- optimisation of the websocket protocoll

- optimized usabilaty
control columns can be set up to 4
- main menu moved to left side
- new control: corner kicks (incl. new text variables)
- new control: player lists with quck buttens
new variables: Picture-, Number-, Name of the changing players
- Video support
Video manager in the options
new control: 8 quick start buttons for videos
new picture variable: Video
- new control: multiline text
- templates for timers
- new penalty type: „Disziplinary Penalty“
redarding change of the time penatlty sequence
- pictures can be assignet to penaltiers
new picture variable: penalty picture
- Server IP / Remote Password can be set in the options of the control page

January 2022 ( /
- Correction at the saving of the server IP
- Correction when refreshing the local dispaly window after the server IP has changed

January 2022 (
- Scoreboard display page is not changed anymore when the page is switched on the control page
- JSon files with Variales content are written (chack manual)
- problem at moving matches in creation of tournaments / tournament systems is corrected
- proble for displaying tables in tournament mode is corrected
- some minor improvements

December 2021 (
- A problem was solved for saving the sever IP

November 2021 (
Complete new re-coded Version of freeScoreBoard. The software is 100% server based and the user interface is running in the web-browser based on HTML, CSS and Typescript. Just start the server on a Windows machine and call the web address from any device which have a web browser. You can operate on Apple or Android devices, on Windows or Linux. You can show the scoreboard on a smart TV via LAN or, on a beamer, display, LED board which is connected to the server itself.

The manual is at the moment only available in German language.

Juni 2020 (
- new function: match direction (control; options; backgroundvariables)
- table function for table scorer improved

Juni 2020 (
- bug fix for Slideshows

Januar 2020 (
- bug fix for Tournaments

Dezember 2019 (
- bug fix for penalties

November 2019 (
- bug fix: too high display number

August 2019 (
- bug fix for Tournaments
- new function: CSV-Export for tables

Januar 2019 (
- small bug fixes

January 2019 (
- small bug fixes

October 2018 (
- GeckoFX replaced CEF Sharp
- new display desinger
- new Timer setting
- Tournaments can be displayed as graph

January 2018 (
- new display variable time
- events are now ordered chronologically (bugfix)
- quality of rows can be set per table

January 2018 (
- new Option: quantity of parallel penalties → penalty queue
- Hotkeys can be defined for many functions
- a player can change or leave the team
- player without a team assignment can be displayed
- player list selection popups can be ordered by ID or surname
- event registration can be customized

Dezember 2017 (
- separate Matchtime extension; Event time with separate extended time; new variables for match time extension
- new option exact event time
- event time improved if nn:00
- slideshow on Pfad; new option slideshow picture folder
- additional layer can be created
- improved translation functions
- improved player data incl. picture
- new control player; new display variables for player data; when penalty or goal the player is selected automatically
- controls can be placed flexible on up to three columns
- internal variable handling improved
- tournaments can be displayed graphically
- improved memory usage
- free timer moved into own control
- new control seconds times; new variables and options
- new control American Football (beta)
- penaltie times can be manipulated
- additional small changes

November 2017 (
- Player penalties can be deleted by right mouse butten
- new Option: Server starting at Program start
- Bug fix: Scorer table was not translated
- Bug fix: Time manipulation is now also working for up counting timers

August 2017 (
- Player ID is added to the Penalty table
- Remote display is able to connect automatically to the Scoreboard program
- some bugfixes

April 2017 (
- Bugfixes
- Remote Display is improved

March 2017 (
- Responsive Design can be selected in the options (The controls in the tab “Control Display” will be changed with the window size.)

March 2017 (
- Table Goal scorer can be modified
- Table Penalties can be modified; minutes display added
- smaller Bugfix

March 2017 (
- Marquee variable and control implemented
- bigger Goal buttons
- new Network stack for main program, Remote Display and Remote Control
- remote display with pictures realized
- improved version check
- Bugfix at export of options / teams
- performance improvements
- smaller bug fixes

December 2016 ( \\Bug fix:
- max. match periods was not displayed in the control window
- it was not possible to count up to the max. match period
- it was not possible to customize the table display for match schedule and events without errors

November 2016 (
- small bug fix

November 2016 (
- switched from GeckoFX33 to GeckoFX45
- Remote display via Network realized
display server in Display settings and Remoteprogram with blue Icon
- Remote Control corrected and changed to yellow Icon

October 2016 (
- Start position and size of the main windows is stored at close and restored at start
- Match period is now displayed in the events
- penalties are now listed in the events
- a Marquee can be set in a text box
- Matches can be re-numbered by date
- Score is registered at goal event

Bug fix:
- edit a Team was not possible without make a selection

August 2016 ( Bug fix:
- Column “Match” was not found during the right mouse click on the schedule table
- fast Picture display has switched to permanent display change
- Date filter was not refreshed after re-scheduling

August 2016 (
- Headline of the Tables Match schedule and events can be defined free
- Event time is now displayed as match minute (Example: 41')

August 2016 (
- goal hi-score introduced
- Events can be changed now
- kleiner Fehler behoben

August 2016 (
- Ereignisse können nun auch nach SpielNr gefiltert werden.
- Im Turnierspielplan kann die Terminierung nachträglich geändert werden.
- Im Turnierspielplan kann nun auch nach Datum gefiltert werden.
- Im Turnierspielplan können Spielergebnisse manuell über die Rechte Maustatste erfasst werden.
- neue Option “kurze Mannschaftsnamen” Damit werden in der Tabelle, im Spielplan und in den Ereignissen die kurzen Mannschaftsnamen angezeigt.
- Mannschaftsindividueller Torsound im Mannschaftenstamm einstellbar
- neue Option “ind. Torsound” Stellt ein ob der generelle Torsound der Optionen oder der individuelle aus dem Mannschaftenstamm abgestielt wird.
- kleiner Fehler behoben

Juli 2016 (
- small bug fix

Juni 2016 ( Beta)
- Display switched to HTML/CSS technology
- GIF animationes and SVG support
- Display objects can be formated with free CSS commands
- Copy format of display object to another
- Grid for simple Display setup introduced
- direct compare only by points for table calculation introduced
- direct compare by points and goal ratio for table calculation introduced
- time penalties are noe seperated for each team
- New variables for usage in the Display are introduced
- Code quality improvements

Version 4

January 2016 (
- Function to switch the teams when new turnament schedules are created

November 2015 (
- check of Option values

November 2015 (4.4)
- Controler window reviewed
- new options to hide and display areas in controler window
- Option dialog completly renewed
- bugfix in translations
- new variables for player and legs (Dart)

September 2015 (4.3.6)
- Bugfix: handling of table content corrected

September 2015 (4.3.5)
- new: column “Matches” added to display the amount of done matches
- Bugfix: Tables on the display screen were not updated

July 2015 (4.3.4)
- creation of AdHoc Tournaments with one round and one group

July 2015 (4.3.3)
- (wrong) Option Middlestop removed (free time event can be used instead)
- Round, Group, Match (R: G: M:) display added; for next match and actual match
- match part can be adjusted also when the match time is running
- smaller bug fixing

July 2015 (4.3.2)
- smaller bug fixing

July 2015 (4.3.1)
- dynamic display of free timer corrected

July 2015 (4.3)
- Software is now multi lingual
- Picture properties proportional/stretch introduced
- Goal and Foul Reset button implemented
- free Timer events experimental implemented into the Options
- Software renamed to freeScoreBoard

Mai 2015 (
- Spielendebehandlung verbessert
Behandlung von Spielen bei denen beide Mannschaften nicht angetreten sind
- Audiowiedergabe verbessert

April 2015 (
- import und export von Anzeigesets verbessert

April 2015 (
- import und export von Anzeigesets

April 2015 (
- bugfix
- Torverhältnis zur Sortierrutiene hinzugefügt

April 2015 (4.2)
- neuer Splash screen
- genauerer Timer implementiert
- Codeoptimierungen
- Turnierbrowser verbessert
- Tabellen anzeigen verbessert
- Spielwahl bei Turnierablauf verbessert
- Optionsdarstellung verbessert
- Bugfixing

Jan.2015 (4.1)
- Wechsel auf net 4.5
- Anzeigeobjekte mit Maus einstellbar
- Rahmen für Anzeigeobjekte eingeführt
- Canvas optimierung
- Schaltflächen in der Mannschaftenverwaltung verbessert und autospeichern eingeführt
- Schaltflächen für Anzeigeset's verbessert und autospeichern eingeführt
- Seitenverhältnis bei Bildern wird beibehalten
- GIF Unterstützung
- Foulzähler und Foulvariablen eingeführt
- Codeoptimierung
- Problem beim speichern von Tabellenvarianten behoben
- Bilderschnellanzeige mit Optionseinstellung eingebaut
- Zeiteinstellung mit Minuscheckbox erweitert
- Turniersysteme: Spielplan mit getauschen Mannschaften (Rückrundenmodus)
- Turnierbrowser: Spieledetails optimiert

- Fernsteuerungsserver mit zugehörigem Fernbedienungsprog.
- Datenbanksicherungen
- Slideshow
- viele Bugfixe

- neuer genauerer Timer implementiert
- Datenbank von MS SQL CE auf MS localDB gewechselt
- Turniersysteme um die Möglichkeit erweitert beste nte zu ermitteln.
z.B. bester 1ter gegen bester 2ter
- Strafeneinstellunegn in den Optionsdialog gewechselt
- Tabellensortierung einstellbar gemacht
- mehr Einstellungen in den Anzeigeobjekten
- einige Bugs behoben

- Optionen zur Spielzeitmitte entfernt
- Option und Funktion zur Spielzeit Multiplikation je Spielabschnitt eingebaut
- Filedialoge oeffnen nun im mitgelieferten Pfad
- Im Fehlerdialog kann das Programm nun beendet werden behobene Bugs:
- Spielzeit wird nun korrekt aus den Optionen uebernommen (Danke Bugmelder)
- Filedialoge oeffnen nun mit richtigem Filetyp

offene Punkte:
- Optionale Runden (z.B. zweites Finale im Doppelten KO System)

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