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freeScoreBoard supports 2 important functionalities to execute tournaments:

1. score board on a beamer, big TV or LED-Wall

The control window runns on a PC or Notebook, the score board is displayed on a second screen device.
The score board is based on web technilogy and can be freely designed.
freeScoreBoard has a WYSIWYG design mode which enables an easy and intuitive realisation of new score boards.
All display objects can positioned via drag&drop functionality.
Beside match data like score or time also schedules and tables can be displayed.
To display sponsor pictures a slideshow function is build in.
Also GIF animations can be displayed.
Via the control window you can play sounds like applause or time end signal.
The timers can be defined free. It can count ascanding and descending.
It is possible to signal the last seconds by a sound.
freeScoreBoard supports team names, team logos, player names, goal scores, match time, break time, foul counter, time penalies and much more.
There is a display server build in which allows several remote displays via a network connection.

2. manage of complete tournaments

  freeScoreBoard contains already more than 20 predefined tournament systems.
Beside each vs. each there are also ko-systems and double ko-systems.
freeScoreBoard goes even further then only provide predefined systems.
With freeScoreBoard also new tournament systems can be defind.
A wizard helps to creat systems with several rounds and serveral groups in each round.
It is possible to combine rounds with groups and rounds with ko-systems.
The big advantage of predefining tournament systems is the re-usability.
Select a system and just group the teams into the first round. - ready.
freeScoreBoard creates the match schedule fully automatically.
During the tournament the program guids you throu the match schedules.
Matches can be parked or skiped.
The rules to calculate the table can be set/modified in the options.
These rules are used to calculate the table of each group and the teams for following on rounds automatically.
It is possible to create tournamet reports, print it or save it as HTML.
simple Example:

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